The Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa is a registered Canadian charity, governed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our volunteer Board of Directors provide strategic and financial oversight to our organization, which is comprised of various professionals from industry, medicine, and various other sectors, and including the founder of the charity.

Our endowment fund continues to be managed by the Community Foundation of Ottawa, a highly respected and successful public foundation in Canada.

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Community Foundation of Ottawa

PLEASE NOTE: Effective November 2014, The Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa is its own, separate, self-sustainable charitable legal entity.

The Community Foundation of Ottawa continues to manage our endowment fund. Each year, income received from our endowment fund will be be received by the Community Foundation of Ottawa and deposited into our General Fund to help us meet our funding priorities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently comprised of seven members, including the founder of the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa. The members represent key stakeholder groups and other professionals in a variety of sectors. The composition of the Board will change over time, based on the requirements and Foundation objectives at that time. The initial term for all Board members will be 2 years, with five 1-year options to extend upon majority vote of the other Board members. The maximum term of any Board member is 7 years. The Founder of the Foundation also has the discretion to extend member terms if the current member wishes to remain on the Board and is contributing significantly to the growth of the Foundation.

The Board of Directors has been established to provide guidance, insight and recommendations on the strategy and operations of the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa. Board members are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Re-affirm the mandate, purpose and objectives of the Foundation;
  • Identify the core beneficiaries for our distributions and establish a long-term funding strategy;
  • Re-evaluate community funding needs on a regular basis;
  • Monitor, at a strategic level, the activities being performed by the Founder and volunteers, and providing guidance and advice;
  • Participate in Board meetings;
  • Participate in fundraising events;
  • Act as Foundation representatives with external parties and facilitate key relationships that will benefit us;
  • Participate, as required, in public and media relations activities; and
  • Act in good faith and an ethical and responsible manner, with respect to all responsibilities bestowed as a Board member.

Our current Board members are:

  • Oriana Trombetti, Retired Senior Executive and General Counsel, Department of Justice Canada
  • Daniel Saikaley, Financial Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Adam C. Nihmey, CFA, CBV, Founder and Chairman, Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa
  • Betty Hope Gittens, Retired
  • Cathleen Cogan Bird, Chartwell Rideau Place
  • Scott Boassaly, Founder and Principal, Balance Investments

Our previous members included:

  • Denis Schryburt, Senior Communications Advisor, Office of the Chief Scientist, Natural Resources Canada
  • Kaitlin van Gaal, Financial Services and Small Business Advisor, Meridian Credit Union
  • Jan Ditchfield
  • Dr. Dilip Patel
  • Irene Martin, Founder, Retire-At-Home Services
  • Sheila Bauer, City of Ottawa
  • Tom Wileman, Retired Public Servant
  • Kay Stanley, Retired, Former Vice-Chair, Board of Governors, The Ottawa Hospital
  • Andrew Arnott, Vice President, Commercial Financial Services, Ottawa Specialized Markets, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Penny Collenette, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
  • Ronald Clark, Campus President, Everest College
  • Marlynne Ferguson, Administrator, City of Ottawa
  • Patrick LeClair
  • Brian Radburn, CA, Past Chair, CHEO
  • Dr. John Russell, Medical director and attending physician at Carleton Lodge and Royal Ottawa Place
  • Lawrence Grant, Executive Director, The Glebe Centre
  • Donna Rubin, President and CEO, Ontario Association for Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors
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