This past February, we launched Betty’s Walk, an ambitious journey across the 800km Camino de Santiago that would raise funds for the efforts of the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa. The woman leading that journey was Betty Hope-Gittens, one of our most ardent supporters and fellow Board member. At the time when we announced the campaign, Betty herself had raised $50,000 with no marketing or social media to fuel her efforts.

Five months later, we have something very exciting to announce. Betty’s Walk raised just over $200,000! We wish to thank each and every individual, family or business who donated to the cause. Your generosity has played a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for the people who live in the non-profit long-term care facilities across Ottawa. In fact, we’re thrilled to announce that each of Ottawa’s 13 non-profit long-term care facilities listed below will be receiving $10,000 apiece that can be used at their discretion for programming, equipment or other purposes to enrich the daily lives of seniors in their homes. The remaining monies will be held for investment in future projects that benefit these residents.

Long-term care facilities benefitting from Betty’s Walk:


Making a big difference in seemingly small ways

The monies raised by Betty’s Walk will further the impact that the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa has on quality of life in our city’s non-profit long-term care facilities. In an industry where funds and human resources are commonly stretched thin, Eldercare grants are a true gift – making possible what otherwise wouldn’t be. Here are just a few of the things that our grants (your generosity) have made possible:

  • Tub room redesign to enhance residents’ bathing experience
  • Virtual reality bike that allows residents to virtually travel to other parts of the world and even visit their childhood neighbourhoods
  • The addition of 4 outdoor benches
  • A projector and sound system for an in-home movie experience for residents
  • High-calibre music and performing arts experiences
  • Interactive companion pets with realistic fur and life-like sounds and sensors that respond to petting and hugs


Improving quality of life is essential

All of these things may seem like “nice-to-haves” and not must-haves, but we beg to differ. These are all things that enrich quality of life – something that is important at all stages of life. People living in long-term care need to feel valued, useful and engaged.

Thanks to Betty’s Walk, lives are being lifted up.