By donating to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa, you play a vital role in helping us accomplish our mission – to enhance the quality of life of seniors living in long-term care.

Among the many things that our grants make possible are programming that encourages social engagement and physical activity, and equipment that helps make the day-the-day routine easier and more pleasant for residents and staff in Ottawa’s long-term care homes.

Some examples of what our donors’ support have made possible include:

  • New models of dementia care (e.g., Butterfly model investments, Snoezelen equipment, etc.)
  • Equipment for safety and support (e.g., hi-lo beds, automated bathtubs with lifts, specialized mattresses, overbed tables, etc.)
  • Landscaping and design improvements (e.g., garden improvements, wheelchair gazebos and swings, benches, murals, spa retrofits, etc.)
  • Social and emotional engagement programming (e.g., iPads for videoconferencing with family members, music and art programs, pet and doll therapy programs, audio visual equipment, volunteer programs, interactive companion pets that mimic the sounds and movement of cats and dogs, etc.)
  • Exercise and mobility (e.g., indoor exercise bike that allows seniors with dementia to visit childhood memories through video, other mobility equipment, etc.)
  • Safety and sanitation (e.g., wheelchair sanitizers, plexiglass screening, mobile equipment for in room services, etc.)
  • Palliative care (e.g., palliative care carts with equipment, retrofit of palliative care rooms for family members, etc.)


There are many ways you can donate to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa. They include:


All donations will be added to our General Fund and used to accomplish our mission.

donate online


All donations to our endowment fund are perpetually endowed, which means they are invested forever. Income generated from our endowment fund are used to accomplish our mission. To donate to our endowment fund, click here. These donations are made through the Community Foundation of Ottawa website, on behalf of the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to the donation page of the Community Foundation website, and you will be able to identify that you want the donation to be directed to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa (you just need to search “Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa” to find our fund). Click on the following link:


Cheques must be postmarked no later than December 31. Cheques must be payable to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa and mailed to 2061 Delmar Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 5P6.


To donate to The Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa through the United Way, please designate on your donation/pledge form our charitable number: 83447 7184 RR0001. Tax receipts will be issued to you by mail. Please include your return address with your donation.


Help realize the vision of the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa by leaving a legacy gift that will benefit generations to come. The process of leaving a legacy is quite simple. Designate the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa as a beneficiary of one of the following:

  • Bequest in your will
  • Life insurance policy
  • RRSP or RRIF

You can also use Appreciated Securities, Letter of Direction, Life Insurance Policy Transfer of Ownership, and Charitable Trust to accrue immediate tax relief while providing long-term benefits to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa.


The Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa accepts nearly every kind of asset. Most non-cash gifts are liquidated immediately, and the proceeds transferred to the investment portfolio. You can donate gifts of public and private company securities, real estate, and other assets. For more information, contact Oriana Trombetti, Chair of the Board.

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